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Education is key to the development of any individual and a stepping stone towards building a successful future and career. Each phase in your education, from preschool to higher education, adds another important layer to your personality and professional expertise, so making an informed choice about your education and the education of your child is of the utmost importance. Illinois has an enviable network of public schools, institutes and universities that can offer you a great opportunity to gain quality education and achieve your career goals in later life. These educational institutions are governed by two state agencies, including:

  • The State Board of Education (which administers public education in Illinois).
  • The Board of Higher Education (which coordinates higher education in the state).

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is comprised of nine members, all appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. Each of these Board members serves four-year terms, and is limited to serving no more than two consecutive terms.

In the state of Illinois, the ISBE is responsible for setting guidelines and creating rules and regulations for all public and private schools, encompassing the grades from preschool all the way up through 12th grade. This board is also responsible for handling vocational schooling and examines state education’s needs for the present and goals for the future.

Illinois Board on Higher Education (IBHE)

The Board of Higher Education was established in 1961 to plan and coordinate Illinois’ system of colleges and universities, which consists of 9 public universities on 12 campuses, 48 community colleges, 97 independent not-for-profit colleges and universities, and 35 independent for-profit institutions.

A product of the Illinois Board on Higher Education, the Public Agenda for College and Career Success has established four crucial aims that must be pursued in the state. They are as follows:

  • To integrate every applicable asset in order to help Illinois meet its financial needs
  • To make sure that colleges and universities are affordable and available to students
  • To improve education so as to be competitive with the top states in the country and around the globe
  • To improve the amount of residents who go to postsecondary school in order to better contribute to the country and the globe

Illinois has a number Universities that are held in high regard both nationwide and all around the world. Some of these Universities include:

  • The University of Chicago.
  • The Northwestern University.
  • The Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • The Illinois State University.
  • The Eastern Illinois University.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission is a program that cannot be forgotten: It gives residents the chance to receive scholarships and grants for their educational accomplishments, their service in the military and more. Effectively allowing residents to meet academic aspirations regardless of their financial situations, the ISAC services include:

  • Providing career advices.
  • Providing information about individual Illinois colleges and universities.
  • Providing information about college costs.
  • Providing guidance on how to apply for financial aid.
  • Prevention counseling and student loan servicing.