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Illinois DMV Drivers License Services

If you would like to drive a car in Illinois, it is imperative that you first go through the motions of obtaining a valid drivers license. In addition to a complete drivers license application, you are required to pass a vision exam, a driver knowledge test and a road skills exam at your nearest drivers services facility, which operates under the Secretary of State. When the time comes to renew your IL drivers license, or if you need to replace a lost or stolen driving license, you must follow the Illinois SOS procedures accordingly. To change the name on your driver license or to file a drivers license address change, schedule a visit to a local Secretary of State facility to complete each process. As a resident of IL, you are not required to obtain a drivers license if you do not intend to operate a vehicle. In this case, the SOS can issue you an Illinois ID card once you complete the application process.

Illinois DMV Vehicle Registration Services

In order to legally operate your car, you must have your vehicle registered with the Secretary of State. The Vehicle Services Department handles all car registration requests on behalf of the IL SOS, including new vehicle registration applications and car registration renewals (a notice will arrive via mail with information from the SOS). Regarding car registration replacements, you must bring proof of vehicle ownership and the designated fee to receive a duplicate vehicle registration from the SOS. Certain vehicle registration updates, including a change of address, can be made online via the SOS, while others, like a car registration name change, must be made at a vehicle services division office in person.

Illinois DMV Car Title Services

As the owner of a vehicle in Illinois, it is imperative that you hold a car title as proof of car ownership in the state. Whether you recently purchased a car or need a car title transfer, both car titling issuances are handled through the IL SOS. In the case that your vehicle title is lost or stolen, you must seek a replacement vehicle title by submitting an Application for Vehicle Transaction by mail or in person at an SOS office. If you need to file a car title address change or change names on vehicle titles, you can do so online via the SOS website. Depending on the car title service you seek to complete, if you cannot access the SOS online portal, you can fulfill your vehicle title request in person, by mail or via phone in Illinois.