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Raising in a child is no simple or easy matter, and the state government of Illinois understands this well. That is why the Office of the Inspector General and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services got together to create a guide that would help you through the process.

Featuring information on a wide variety of important subjects, ranging from financial assistance program availability to safety tips, this comprehensive guide gives you everything a parent or caregiver needs to care for a child.

Health and Safety Tips

One of the biggest parts of this guide focuses on how you can keep your child safe and healthy, and as a parent or a caregiver, there is nothing more important in the world. This guide features sections on home safety as well as fire safety, safety around water and even tips for safe sleeping to avoid issues such as trapping, rollover and more.

As for healthcare, “A Helpful Guide for Parents and Caregivers” goes into detail about the signs and symptoms of common illness as well as the importance of providing immunizations, among other topics.

Risk Reduction for Children

Another focus of the guide is on reducing your child’s chances of risk. And that is as much about you limiting your frustration as it is child-proofing your home. The best way to eliminate risk, as presented in the guide, is to become familiar with the various stages of development and the kinds of behaviors that occur in each and every one.